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About GWG

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Want to get fitter and healthier? Lose Weight? Gain muscles? Don’t know where to start? Need guidance?


Begin your journey with GWG towards a fresher, stronger and more positive lifestyle!

GWG wants to provide each and every individual with a tailored platform to improve their health and well-being and achieve their goals, from losing weight to gaining muscle mass.

About me:

I have been a regular gym member since the age of 18, because I absolutely love working out and achieving different milestones. When I first started training I didn’t have a personal trainer, so I was extremely lost as to what I was doing and what I should be doing, solely relying on YouTube and websites. Only after having signed up with a personal trainer did I realise the value a professional can provide. Having completed a personal training course, I am now able to support people and guide them to achieving their milestones, and with GWG we will work together to accomplish every goal set.

Lastly, I know the importance of fitness, apart from looking good, it also has important health benefits, such as being more fresh, fit and positive, which can then help other aspects of life such as family or work. Therefore, I want to help make sure people also know the value and help them realise why fitness is so important to leading a healthy, positive and successful lifestyle.